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    Longing for Spring

    Featuring Joshua Jean-Marie

    Dates: September 15 – November 16, 2023

    Events: Artist Reception: September 15 , 7pm – 9pm

    In 2022, I visited Cherokee Park more than ever since living in Louisville. Whether walking or running, I quietly observed how things in the park slowly changed overtime. Vibrant greens turned to deep yellows and reds. Bright, beautiful sunsets became dark, empty evenings. The smells of fresh-cut grass came to a halt. The park was preparing for winter, and all I could think about were the seasons before. All I could hope for was the season that was to come, blossoming with fresh life. Longing for Spring represents a desire in my heart and soul for life to always be beautiful. For days to be bright and full of wonder and excitement. For hardships to be no more. I don’t know what heaven will be like, but I imagine it will be something like Springtime in Cherokee Park.

    Based in Louisville, KY Joshua Jean-Marie is a Haitian American photographer. His work reflects his sensitivity toward intimacy and solidarity. His primary use of film photography enables him to render his subjects with a sense of tenderness and curiosity while simultaneously serving as both an artistic expression and self-reminder to slow down and be presently aware of the moments happening around him.

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