2023 Keynote Speaker Event with Lawrence Schiller
Speed Art Museum


We were truly blessed to have Larry Schiller as our Keynote speaker. He is a great story teller, and it was fascinating to learn about his wide ranging and creative activities, past and present, and the ways he created opportunities that led to his photographs and directing experiences.

2021 Keynote Speaker Event with Keith Carter Speed Art Museum

Photography always seemed to me a kind of benign magic. Light, precious metals, mysterious chemistry…wield the camera like a magic wand, murmur a few hopeful words…and on a good day you can conjure up proof of a dream.”


We thank Keith Carter for his warm and rousing keynote speech about what he’s learned from making art for 50 years and for the gift of his time during his visit. For those who were unable to attend in person, the Keynote was recorded by Marvin Young Photography and can be found by clicking the button below.