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    Keith Auerbach: Bone Stories

    Featuring Keith Auerbach


    Dates: September 1 – 24, 2023
    Events: Artist: Reception September 2, 5pm – 9pm ,
    Artist Talk” September 9, 1pm-2p

    When my sister-in-law broke her arm, I took her scary looking x-ray and transformed it into an engaging artful image to support her healing. The new image, which she framed and hung in her family room, did in fact make her feel better. Subsequently, when other friends suffered pickle ball injuries, wrist fractures, and total knee and hip replacements, I did the same with their x-rays.

    This exhibition: Bone Stories, presents both the original x-rays and the transformed images that celebrate healing.

    Let me describe my creative process. The first question I ask myself when I am creating a work of art, is “How does this image make me feel — relaxed? energized? alone? The next questions is “Where is the source of light and how does it contribute to the image?” The third question is “What is the composition and how does it contribute to the image?” These questions drive my process when I am creating black and white humanistic photos and when I am making abstract color images.


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    Pressma/Gianelloni: Perspectives

    Featuring C.J. Pressma & Marcelle Gianelloni


    Dates: September 29 – October 22, 2023

    Events: Artist Reception: October 1, 2pm -5pm , Artist Talk: Artist Talk October 7, 1pm

    A reflection of the world seen through two photographers who happen to have been married for a few years. Their paths are being exhibited for the first time reflecting diverse points of view through the camera lens but at the same time having a common outlook in forms of creativity.

    C.J. Pressma Artist Statement: “After six decades of making work as a photographic artist, I can identify nine areas of concentration. These bodies of work serve as pointers to a consistent style and focus of approach. That I am a surrealist is clear to me.”


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