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Louisville Photo Biennial

The eleventh Louisville Photo Biennial takes place September 20, 2019 to November 10, 2019 throughout Louisville Metro and its surrounding communities. Our photography exhibitions – spanning traditional to contemporary, local to global – are mounted at museums, galleries, universities, and cultural institutions. The Biennial also presents accompanying workshops, public lectures and panel discussions to stimulate learning and reinforce visual literacy. Since photography is the most widespread art form, our goal is to educate via meaningful dialogue to help bridge understanding in our diverse world through this dynamic medium.

One very important aspect of the Louisville Photo Biennial is that almost all of the exhibits and activities may be enjoyed for free. It is very important to our participating artists and organizations that the cultural richness provided by the Louisville Photo Biennial is accessible to everyone.


Started in 1999 by four East Market Street galleries, the Louisville Photo Biennial has grown to encompass more than fifty photographic exhibits at venues throughout Metro Louisville, southern Indiana, and central Kentucky. This amazing cooperative effort between galleries, museums, colleges, universities, and other cultural institutions celebrates the medium of photography through a rich variety of exhibits including fine art, documentary, design, historic and even everyday snapshot photography. We are pleased to present works by photographers of national and international fame, as well as our extremely talented local and regional photographers.

Louisville Photo Biennial Presents

The Louisville Photo Biennial is pleased to present exhibits, workshops and other programming throughout our “off season” in order to promote public interest in photography as an art form and the most widespread communication medium.  This exhibit at garner narrative features the work of a photographer who has participated in previous Biennials and is expected to be part of the 2021 Louisville Photo Biennial.  Please watch for other events bearing the Louisville Photo Biennial logo in the months to come.

Bill Pusztai

Downtown East Side

garner narrative

February 7 – March 28

First Friday Feb. 7, 11 am – 9 pm

Bill Pusztai [b. 1965] is a Canadian photographer with a studio in Vancouver B.C. 

In Downtown East Side, he takes us on an intimate guided tour of his city, and it’s both different and intensely familiar. “One tends to think of social issues as local, but many of these will resonate with people from any large enough city in North America.”

Pusztai’s fourteen photographs are accompanied by text, providing context and his motivation for his artistic choices. 

I tried here to evoke human issues without photographing people; I wanted to avoid the kind of show that depicts people as A Hooker, A Homeless, A Drug User, etc. Many have tried doing these sorts of photos, sometimes completely uncaring of how they treated the subjects, but even with the utmost care to humanise and interact, it’s still A Picture Of A Hooker. I’ll gladly take their portrait, but it’s going to be a portrait of Debbie, not a Transgender Indian Hooker.

This is Pusztai’s fourth solo show at garner narrative. Past shows were in 2014 (Preaching to the Converted review), 2016 (Attachments review) and 2018 (Unnatural Affections press). 

Pusztai also took part in the Louisville Photo Biennial in 2011 (Three Portraits of Tom A.), 2013 (Seven Sins, part of Moral Matters review), and 2019 (Marshall and Dana, part of Our Eyes press).

This exhibit is a part of the Louisville Photo Biennial, which supports year-round public conversation about and through photography with exhibitions, lectures, workshops and panel discussions.

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