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    David Crosby: Echoes of a Friend
    Featuring Jeffery Parrish

    Twitter: @XnohioatLou  Facebook: Jeffrey Parrish Photo Gallery Instagram: @jeffery.parrish

    Dates: September 8 – October 27, 2023

    Events: Artist Reception, Friday September 8, 7pm
    Michelle Willis Concert, Q&A October 27, 8pm

    David Crosby implored his friends to call him Croz. An invitation that carried with it the weight of knowing that David Van Cortlandt Crosby had opened his heart and mind to private conversations that may take hiatus for geography and schedule but always to be taken up again when time tide and circumstance aligned. It seems certain that calling his 2014 album release “CROZ” was apart of a conscious plan to devote and expend all of his final years creating new and ever evolving music with fresh collaborations and to reach audiences with wide open artistry and unconditional intimacy. An invitation to all to get to know Croz.

    “ I don’t like greed. I don’t like ignorance. I really don’t like anger. But I love love.”

    Through a collection of framed images and the pages of a bound book, available for view in Louisville’s community center for art and music, a personal tribute to David Crosby is the theme and intent of the gallery.

    Personal Portraits. Locations and studio. Life events music or otherwise when a story unfolds are a good time and place for a camera. Seeking to reveal by still image a sense of a person’s internal pursuit is a forever challenge and reason to level a lens and release the shutter over and again. Of photography surrounding his 75th birthday and major artistic decisions David Crosby said: “I like how[Jeff] sees a human, and that he has a really good sense of when is a great moment to capture a human– to catch somebody and be able to get an insight into them.” When a photograph connects a person’s personal pursuit to one viewer or to a wider audience-art is a possibility.

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