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    Land of the Delta Blues

    Featuring David Modica

    Website:  Instagram: @davidmodica

    Dates: September 29 – November 11, 2023
    Events: Artist Reception: October 20, 4:30pm – 8pm , Closing Coffee: November 18th 9am – 12pm

    Land of the Delta Blues is an exhibition of photographs documenting the music and culture of the Mississippi Delta.

    Photography brings me joy as I seek images that speak to me and tell a story. It is the thrill of the hunt that fuels me and keeps me looking. My curiosity and interest in the human behavior and different cultures leads me to places I may not normally see and opens my eyes to different points of view. Describing my approach as casual observation means I do not set up or stage an image. I take it as it is and let the viewer write the narrative. My only manipulation is returning to a place at a different time or a different day in order to get the good light.

    Black and white is how I learned to see when I studied photography. It is about the subtle tones and shades; the challenge of making an image interesting without the use of color. Each image becomes unique because it is processed and printed by hand in a traditional darkroom. Film has beautiful imperfections with limitations that lend to the aesthetic, and I believe film photographers appreciate those serendipitous moments that film provides.


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    Fotografías de España y Portugal

    Featuring Melissa Push

    Website:  Facebook: @mplushphot  Instagram: @mplushphoto

    Dates: September 29 – November 11, 2023
    Events: Artist Reception: October 20, 4:30pm – 8pm , Closing Coffee: November 11m 9am – 12pm

    Fotografías de Españay Portugal presents images from a two-week excursion in May 2022. Some cities explored were Lisbon, Cascais, Sevilla, Madrid, Toledo, and Barcelona.

    I create traditional photographic works and digital collages. My collage work is created through digital imagery, film, textures, papers, found objects, and various materials combined into photoshop. Most of the imagery collected is from my daily photographs or film archives. I am interested in creating collages that allow me to imaginatively express my fears, dreams, desires, and views of the world. Typically my collages explore ideas such as identity, nature, chaos, serenity, and isolation. I enjoy collecting similar and dissimilar pieces then collaging them together to form a new reality or make a statement about the current reality in which we live. More recently, I have enjoyed exploring landscape and street photography. Capturing the simplicity of light and shadow in the environment helps me to slow down, be patient, and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Photography is a way for me to connect with people and communicate my stories to my audience.

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