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    Death, Like a Door: Photos by Parker Bolin and Alex O’Nan

    Featuring Parker Bolin and Alex O’Nan

    Website:   Instagram: @parkerbolin @wooden.frames 

    Dates: September 24 – November 12, 2023
    Events: Reception October 13, 7pm – 9pm with Artist Talk at 7:30pm

    A collaboration and documentation of two unique perspectives that explore different worlds of change. The exhibition chronicles the passage of time in a way that is both personal and ineffable.
    The subjects and places shown are extensions of the artists’ lives, beliefs, and daily routines.

    Parker Bolin is a designer and multi disciplinary artist living in Louisville, Kentucky. Although his art-making practice has encompassed photography in the context of print-making and digital media, he recently began photographing with the intent of seeing and creating more holistically. He picked up the camera in an effort to stay present and creative in the midst of his life experiences-documenting places and subjects that are closer to home. His photography practice attempts to capture beauty in otherwise mundane objects and environments.

    Alex O’Nan has been making photographs for nearly 30 years. At the age of 13, Alex received a 35 mm camera, roll of film and introduction to photography book for Christmas. Since then, Alex has made a habit out of documenting all that catches his attention. From his time at U of L as a photography major, to his nearly 20 year career as a railroad conductor, and now as a property manager who goes on photo walks during his lunch hour, Alex tries to capture in a photograph all the things that catch his attention.

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    Instagram: @sojournarts