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    The Vinum Project

    featuring Michelle McSwain and Vanessa Price
    Dates: October 12 – 23, 2019
    Events: Opening Reception October 12, 7:00 – 10:00 pm


    The Vinum Project is a serendipitous endeavor that came out of the unlikely pairing of
    a wine expert and professional photographer that grew up in the same neighborhood,
    church and school in Louisville, KY. It has developed into a collection of imagery meant
    to engage fresh conversations and explore fun and new perspectives for how we view wine
    in the contemporary world.The visual series was created by a
    dynamic friendssincechildhood duo,
    Vanessa Price and Michelle McSwain.
    Vanessa, a Creative, Art Director and a 15-year veteran
    of the wine business in
    NYC felt compelled by her years of watching dull depictions of wine
    that seemed
    so out of touch with her and all of her contemporaries and was inspired to change that.
    Michelle is a life-long photographer and long-time creator of alternative platforms for creating new perspectives
    through the camera lens. Together, they are creating
    imagery that speaks to a generation of wine drinkers
    living in the real world –
    and who want wine to be a part of their real lives.

    “A love of wine and the need to create is what initially brought us together. Vanessa was frustrated with how cliché
    the world of wine imagery was and believed that as dynamic as wine is, so should its artistic interpretation be.
    There are literal connections that tie in the technically accurate details or stories of different types of wine
    to each piece that you can catch if you dive a little deeper. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon teaches us what the shape
    of a Cab bottle would be, the blackberry/raspberry/pepper represents the main aromatic and flavor elements
    you could expect to taste and the pink background is reminiscent of the warmer regions it is typically grown in.
    We hope you also enjoy looking at it!” – Michelle McSwain



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