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    Nature Shoots Photographer 

    Featuring Keith Auerbach with PYRO members
    Dates: September 12 – October 15, 2019
    Events: Artist’s Talk September 14, 1:00pm

    When a tornado ripped through Louisville in 2004, a huge pine tree crashed onto the roof of my photography studio
    and rain poured onto photographs and negatives. Heat and humidity produced a hot house atmosphere. Photographic
    emulsions liquified, ink dyes ran together, and the entire mess began to decay. As I tried to rescue my work, I pulled
    photos and negatives apart and — quite unexpectedly — was intrigued by unusual patterns and colors. I felt an “artistic thrill”
    as I imagined the potential for entirely new images. Entranced, I saved several damaged photos and
    negatives for future exploration. 

    This exhibit is the result of that exploration. I produced the original photographs using film. Nature then took its turn
    and created new starting points for me to consider. I discovered extraordinary images and used digital photographic
    technology to capture the accidental beauty of nature’s impact. 

    For this exhibit I selected images that represent three stages in my collaboration with the natural forces released by the tornado: 

    Early stage: Images of people captured by film for my original photographs are clearly visible.
    Humidity and biological decay have begun to transform shapes and color. 

    Intermediate stage: The forces of nature are in control, creating new colors and patterns.
    Portions of the original photographic image peak through. 

    Late stage: Nature has taken over. The image is abstract with no apparent link to the reality
    depicted in the original photo. My contribution is the selection and enhancement of images
    that I found astonishing and mysterious.



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