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    Pressma/Nation: A 10,000 mile Journey

    Featuring C.J. Pressma and John Nation
    Dates: September 27 – October 24, 2021

    This exhibition is a photographic expression of a trip C.J.Pressma and John Nation took by car for six weeks in the summer of 2019. They journeyed to the states of Nebraska, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Louisiana. Many times they traveled back roads and had no particular agenda other than to make photographs until the day ended and it became too dark to make pictures. The exhibition will contain selected photographs and an installation piece

    In 1972 I was watching the Fellini film Roma and was captivated by splashes of light involving sparks from a streetcar at night. That scene with its dark nature and surreal quality motivated me to emulate a specific photographic style. It seems strange to me (almost absurd) that such a momentary scene became a motivation for an entire body of work that is interwoven throughout my artistic career. I call these images Dreamscapes. They are clues to dreams I have never been able to fully remember, but manifest themselves in the photographs I make. I usually photograph these DreamScape pictures in abandoned places and of inhabitants who might have or may still be living there. I search for the “evidence” of humans where very few humans currently reside. I am like an archaeologist sifting through a dream-like landscape trying to imagine/portray what these people and places were like.



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