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    What You Say? Rock n’ Roll Photos by Dave Cronen

    Featuring Dave Cronen

    Website: Dave Cronen

    Dates: October 5 – December 14, 2023
    Events: Opening Reception, October 5, 5-7 pm


    For me, at 16-17 years old, there were only a few reasons to take pictures: sports, girls, or concerts. From 1969 through the early 80s I haunted music venues in Louisville, Lexington, up to Cincinnati. Impressions of the performances themselves have faded, but the muscle memory’s still sharp. Film f-stops, and shutter speeds also and it taught me to keep my head on a swivel for the right moment, right light, angle, and shadow, also looking out for the Andy Frain ushers aiming to capture what was in front of me before it was gone. It was an education in itself to a rock ‘n’ roll beat.

    Dave Cronen was born in Chicago, raised in Louisville, and home is now Lexington. Dave shoots with a strong emphasis on politics starting with John Y. Brown and ending with the elder Beshear, and a smattering of industrial and commercial work.

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