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    American Nocturne

    Featuring Zed Saeed

    Website: Facebook: @zedsaeedphoto

    Dates: October 15 – November 29, 2021
    Events: Opening Artist Reception, October 15, 5-8 pm

    Concurrent Receptions at 21c Museum Hotel, Moremen Gallery, and KMAC Museum with River City Tintype Portrait Sessions at 21c, October 28, 5-9 pm

    Photographs in American Nocturne look at the America of the here and now, locally, and in the present moment. In the tradition of Edward Hopper and George Ault, who captured the particular loneliness of the nocturnal American urban life, American Nocturne uses a large-format film camera and extends this heritage to the current moment. Images for American Nocturne are the result of painstaking composites of several photographs taken across various focal planes. The goal is not to draw attention to the technique but to extend the ability of the large-format medium to create images of unusual clarity and fidelity, all to display the human-made world in a new and enhanced manner. American Nocturne was made possible through a generous grant by the Eastman Kodak Company.

    Saeed’s photographs are a reaction to the inherent limitations of the photographic process. His work results from his belief that the traditional photograph fails to capture the intense beauty of the world. Created with a large-format camera or in the digital medium, Saeed’s photographs are the result of several images laboriously rendered as a composite. However, this effort is rarely visible to the viewer. The goal of the final image is not realism but an intensified view made to give the viewer a profoundly contemplative experience of the exquisite and ineffable nature of the world.

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