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    Reflections of Eastern Kentucky

    Featuring Dean Hill

    Website: deanhillphotography.com

    Facebook: Dean Hill  Instagram: @deanhill9892

    Dates: September 8–November 12, 2o23

    Events: Lexington Gallery Hop September 15 5pm – 8pm

    Water plays an important role in the landscape of Eastern Kentucky and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Sometimes the water can cause serious consequences like the recent flooding, but it also is responsible for some of the most beautiful and peaceful scenes on this earth. One aspect of this beauty is the reflections created in the water. This is a series of photographs showcasing the different ways of looking at those reflections.

    Dean grew up in Eastern Kentucky farming, hunting, and exploring this part of the world. His desire for adventure sent him to Southeast Asia and the western United States. When he returned he had a renewed appreciation of the natural beauty of Eastern Kentucky that he wanted to capture on film. He uses the weather conditions, timing, and the light to dictate the composition of his photographs to give the viewer an understanding of what he sees.

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