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    Hours: Popup Exhibit will be outside and open 24/7

    DoorWay – The Artists Pursuit of Music in a Pandemic: A Gallery Out of Doors and Socially Distanced

    Featuring Jeffery Parrish

    Dates: September 9 – November 14, 2021

    Events: November 12, Gallery Walk 6pm | DoorWayConcert doors 7 pm/show 8 pm

    Its a pandemic. Capital p. An airborne highly transmissible virus is making people sick. Some very sick. Far too many will not survive. Through the maze of confusion about masks, sanitation, and social distancing, societal gears are out of mesh grinding loudly in the media as public sidewalks and gathering places wane silent and empty. Fear and lockdown closes live music events. 4 musicians not young incited to create pushed back against the fear by about 50 years and SAFELY explored the music and cultural sublimation of a 4 piece band called The Doors. From 1967 to 1971 The Doors fronted by Jim Morrison ran wide open throttle in their lives and music. An insatiable quest to delve deeply inward to psyche and soul and fill the airwaves of commercial success sent them madhouse scattering collecting and creating and ultimately left them disintegrated and dissolved with Morrison dead. On September 13, 2020 Pete Petersen, Johnny Edwards, Kevin Keller, and Larry Abrams set up at the private out of doors venue Hill House without audience to speak to the spirit of The Doors’ artistry through voice and instruments. Through an out of doors socially distanced gallery pinned to the chain link fence at Headliners Music Hall the visitor is invited to take a few minutes or more and give thought to artists deprived of public audience and possibly how the inwardly visionaire trajectory of a 4 piece band a half century gone finds fitment and interrelation in the midst of 2020s social disorganization.

    Personal Portraits. Events music or otherwise where a story unfolds are a good time and place for a camera. Seeking to reveal by still image a sense of the person’s internal pursuit is a forever challenge and reason to level a lens and release the shutter over and again. Of photography surrounding his 75th birthday and major artistic decisions David Crosby has said: “I like how [Jeff] sees a human, and that he has a really good sense of when is a great moment to capture a human – to catch somebody and be able to get an insight into them.” Whether a photograph connects a person’s personal pursuit to one viewer or a wider audience art is a possibility.

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