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    Featuring Carol Henry

    Dates: September 8 – November 14, 2023
    Events: Artist Opening Reception Friday, September 8, 6pm-9pm

    Artist Talk Friday October 8, 2pm

    Printmaking Workshop Saturday October 7, 1pm-4pm (Reservations Required, Please Call The Gallery)

    As a fine art photographer, Carol Henry focuses on creating camera-less one-of-a kind images resulting in unique pieces that have a personal voice—revealing a solo perspective of a natural observer. But when she chooses to use a camera to create photographs, they can reveal an approach to nature as an archetypal form of femininity. Each figure revealed within the frame emotes compassion, playfulness, sensuality, and confidence—an expression of her early experiences outdoors—and now as she explores the relationship between other photographic mediums. The Naturing exhibition shows unique Cibachrome and Cyanotypes mixed with giclee.

    I’m a darkroom artist that has spent decades making unique prints on Cibachrome paper without a camera and film. It has always been my desire to expose viewers to the unseen elements and small details that surround them from the natural world while creating these unique one-of-a-kind prints. Also taking it a step further and combining layers and exposures that create illusions, I find that intense color and translucence captivates. I’ve been represented in 34 galleries and widely collected with my camera-less technique during a 30 year span. Currently, I am using digital media to incorporate camera work into my nature-based oevre.

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