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    Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12pm-8pm, Sunday 12pm-7pm

    This Must Be The Place

    Featuring James Farmer Kemp, Rachael Banks, Salena Filichia, and Others

    Instagram: @american_nowhere


    Dates: September 23 – October 15

    Events: Opening Reception September 23, 6-8pm

    This Must Be The Place will be a small invitation only group show of photographers that examine and focus their work on the idea of place, time, and the concept of our position within the universe.

    James Farmer Kemp is a street photographer in Louisville who has a focus on often overlooked and neglected areas as his subjects. Rachael Banks  is a working artist and Associate Professor of Photography at Northern Kentucky University. Her research is centrally rooted in personal experience and family folklore. Rachael’s work draws visual connections between animals and people and the need to adapt to ensure survival in response to trauma and change. This behavior is documented in nature alongside images of the family—with unique dangers to navigate in pursuit of survival and a continuous familial line

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