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    Morocco: Many Eyes, One Vision!

    Featuring Rachid Tagoulla, Youssef Akoujan, Olivia Pike, Christopher Bodden, Taylor Hayes, Remington King, Layne Wegenast, Essalhi Abderrahim, Mohamed Aitoubihi, Brakez Amina, Abdelhadi Azrhirh, Nabil Elalami, Youssef El-Ouardi, Younes Goussyra, Moulay Ahmed Kassi, Abdelillah Rafik, Aoubraim Said, and Boujemaa Zakri

    Dates: October 4 – October 26, 2019
    Events: Opening Reception October 5, 1:00 – 3:00pm

    Morocco, Many Eyes, One Vision! presents a photographic journey realized by American and Moroccan photographers during
    moments they lived in Morocco. The resulting collaborative exhibition explores Morocco’s diversity of faces, colors and
    landscapes. Using their individual styles, each photographer has responded to daily life and has portrayed extraordinary
    beauty and contrasting moods in their highly accomplished photographs. More importantly, these photographers are
    encouraging us – through these images – to explore, on our own, the ideas and emotions that bind humanity together.


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