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    Never Meet a Stranger: photography by West of Ninth

    Featuring Marshae and Walter Smith

    Dates: October 7 – December 17, 2021
    Events: Opening Reception, October 7, 5-7 pm

    Website: Facebook: West of Ninth

    Instagram:@westofninthlouisville Twitter: @westofninth

    West of Ninth is a photography and personal narrative blog of Marshae and Walter Smith featuring the residents within the nine neighborhoods that make up West Louisville. The goal for the project is a simple one: it’s all about the people. We want to give people voices, as well as create a sense of understanding for those within and outside of the community

    The overall theme of this show is “never meet a stranger.” As we go out into the community of West Louisville, every person we interview is considered a neighbor and is approached without judgment. Through this effort, we have found most of the people we feature just need someone to talk to. Knowing that people feel comfortable enough to trust us with their best as well as their darkest moments is an honor and a gift. It has changed our lives in ways big and small, even helping us become more understanding of one another. That special bond is so meaningful to us. With that, we truly believe that we never meet a stranger.

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