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    PLAY IT COOL: Jazz Photographs by Mark Lee Webb

    Facebook: @mark.webb.1069

    Dates: October 1st – October 31, 2021
    Events: Opening Night Event TBD

    “From the streets of New Orleans to a packed house in New York, Mark Lee Webb captures musical conversations on-stage and whispered conversations off-stage in PLAY IT COOL—a new collection of images of jazz musicians and their audiences. The Queen of Royal Street in The French Quarter. An unknown sax player in the same Kansas City building a young Charlie Parker once played. An intimate conversation at a corner table in New York. Spontaneous moments from jazz venues in New Orleans, Kansas City, New York, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Washington, DC. are featured in this new collection of photographs.”


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    Featuring Scotty Perry

    Website: Instagram: @scttyprry

    Dates: September 1 – September 28, 2021
    Events: TBA

    “Here” is a story of living with dementia and loss at the end of life told from the perspective of the caregiver. Scotty moved in with his grandparents as their primary caregiver when he received a call that his grandmother had fallen ill and his grandfather, who had progressive dementia, was no longer able to care for her. The story is about finding what you are looking for when you can’t remember what it is you lost.

    Scott Perry is a photographer based in Louisville, KY who focuses on social issues,societal norms and the human condition. He is known for his ability to capture stories and connect the audience with his photography on a deep level.


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