Asia Institute Crane House

    1244 South Third Street
    Louisville, KY 40203
    (502) 345-7207
    Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9:30-4:30

    Satoru Group Show

    Featuring: Elizabeth Carney, JoAnn Drake Carney, Carolyn Courtney, Stephanie Cuneo, Connor Daniels, Anne Henning, Mollie Hewitt, Dana Kim, Joan Morse, Gillian Peckham, Anne Rosen, Ward Sanderson, Donna Shaw Beeman, Tom Walker, Lisa Wissner-Slivka

    Curator: Dr. Brett Erickson |  Teacher: George Nobechi | Director: Nobechi Creative

    Dates: Opening Date September 11, 2021
    Events: Opening Reception 2-5 pm

    This group show grew from a Zoom photography class called “Sunday Night is Photo Night 2” created by George Nobechi. This class met on Sunday nights during January, February, and March of 2021, while the pandemic was still keeping us all in our small worlds. Each week we studied and then photographed different Japanese concepts, such as Wabi-Sabi, Nukumori, Mono no Aware, and Ichi-go ichi-e. It became magical – so much so, that it became necessary to share it with others- to honor the class with a gallery show. As one member of our class said (Ward,) “this class isn’t about just taking photographs, it’s about how to live.” In studying different cultures, we can discover our interconnection with others and new ways of seeing in everyday life.