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Overshadowed – Conceived and Directed by Mary Carothers & Brian and Gareth McClave
Dates: September 22 – October 28, 2017
Events: Reception: October 6 at 5:00-8:00 pm (First Friday Gallery Hop)

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Participating Artists: Mary Carothers, Marcus “Doc” Cravens, Jimmy Devore, Mitch Eckert, Matthew Flores, Larry Gawel, Laura Arrot Hartford, Benne Holwerda, John Jaynes, Shree Joglekar, Joe Johnson, Jonathan Long, Brian McClave, Ryan Paker, Zed Saeed, Kelsi Wermuth, Mary Yates

Overshadowed is a collaborative, experimental exhibition that examines the meeting point between photography, landscape and astronomy.

During the 2017 total solar eclipse, a team of photographers documented the passing of the shadow of the moon across the American continent. They used a new photographic technique called Slow Scan Photography. This process allowed the darkening of the world, as seen during the eclipse, to be permanently etched into a slowly created image of the landscape, across which the artificial night briefly passed.

Spread out across the width of the entire country, these extraordinary images observe the varied topography of the US as it experienced this rare celestial event.