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    Flowery | An Existential Path 

    Featuring Carol Henry carolhenry.com

    Dates: September 9 – November 5, 2021
    Events: Opening Reception October 16, 2021 2-5 pm

    Flowery | An Existential Path speaks to Carol Henry’s long history of studying plant forms. The process of utilizing light to transmit details of remarkable clarity and saturation in her Cibachrome darkroom process is one perfected over decades of practice. Whether it is through a lens where the light is focused or simply by capturing shadows with the photogram process—her dedication to flowers as a subject is most evident. Originally, Carol Henry developed her process in wintery Northern Michigan, however living in Southern California for 3 decades and operating out of a darkroom the entire time, she made use of access to year-round specimens. Collected from gardens, the LA flower market, or nature she has been featured in many exhibitions, galleries and corporate collections with her unique perspective on plants. After moving to Kentucky in late 2019, she opened an “Art Bed & Breakfast” to feature some of her work along with partner and oil painter, Rich Brimer’s paintings. The duo named the location what else but, Wildflower Ranch Inn. A selection of botanicals from each decade will be featured in the Inn’s gallery for Louisville Photo Biennial.

    Carol Henry makes camera-less photography resulting in unique or one-of-a-kind photographic prints. Since the mid-1980’s Carol Henry has worked directly on the Cibachrome positive receiving photographic paper in the darkroom. After processing the paper, an archival unique print is revealed. After Ilford ceased production of Cibachromein 2012, the artist turned toward the 1830’s process, cyanotype—to continue light-sensitive printing using the same botanical muses.

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