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    Across the Pond and Finding Home 

    Dates: September 20 – October 31, 2019
    Events: October 4 – Trolley Hop 5:30-9:00pm,  October 18 – Opening Reception 5:30-8:30pm


    Finding Home

    Featuring David Modica

    Finding Home is a visual and spiritual exploration of my father’s homeland of Sicily, Italy. Many of the images that make up
    this ongoing body of work were taken in the town of Modica, where I have spent the majority of my time. Thus far I have made
    three visits to Sicily, in May of 2014, June of 2018 and June 2019. 

    On all three visits, the experiences were far beyond a photographic and cultural vacation; they were connections to my heritage.
    Rather than ‘hunting the images’ I let them happen. By being immersed in the land and putting out the energy, the images
    came to me. The difference was that I was ready to see them; they were a result being as connected to my home as possible. 

    Sicilians are warm, friendly people who responded positively to the joy I expressed at being on their land, my land. I felt
    a connectedness there almost immediately and I continue to feel that strong connection. Although my father isn’t able to travel
    with me, he is so proud that I have taken such an interest in our family’s homeland and that I have found my way of
    expressing that experience. I hope you can feel that connection too. 

    My photography process focuses on traditional darkroom methods, all done by hand. This process begins with black and
    white film that is developed in my darkroom. Prints are made on fiber-based silver gelatin paper and toned in
    selenium for permanence. I enjoy this traditional method of making photographs because I feel it connects me
    with the image and gives me greater creative control. There is a look and feel to silver prints that, in my opinion,
    cannot be produced in any other form.


    Across the Pond

    Featuring Melissa Plush

    Years ago, I promised my grandmother that I would one day make it across the pond to visit her birthplace, Frittenden, England.
    In 2017 I was finally able to do so as my new husband and I traveled to Europe to explore England, Scotland, and France
    on our honeymoon. During this trip, my only intention was to capture the moments in order to relive them as the years’ pass.
    In my travels, I strive to capture a sense of place— this is also a concept I teach my photography students.
    As I carefully edit each image, I’m transported back to places and times and experience them all over again.
    With these particular images, I was compelled to tell the story, capturing the majestic, intimate, and timeless nature
    of these places. The photographs in Across the Pond involve two separate methods; the collaged color works are
    playful interpretations of Stonehenge and Salisbury, England; and the other photographs are straight documents of my travels using
    various editing techniques to enhance the qualities of each image. Although my grandmother passed away before I could share
    this inspiring journey with her, I am comforted in knowing that I am able to share a part of her with viewers, and
    hopefully, inspire others through these images.


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