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    Pandemia by Melissa Hall

    Our exhibition of PANDEMIA by Melissa T. Hall will include collaboration with author Missy Brownson, who has written poetry in response to Hall’s artwork.

    Dates: September 9 – November 14, 2021

    Events: Opening Reception, September 17, 5-7 pm

    Poetry Reading Missy Brownson, October 16, 12 pm

    Frankfort Field Trip with Festival Director Paul Paletti, October 30, 9–3 pm

    At the start of the pandemic, my mind went into lockdown right along with my body. I buried my head into as many books as I could consume during my waking hours. Eventually, I took note of my unhealthy retreat from everything and decided to pour my turmoil and unease into visual ideas. My method of connecting to my muse concerning the pandemic had to be in an intimate, personal way. Acquiring the perfect prop, a giant acrylic globe, was the lynchpin to return my mind to being fully engaged. Creating storyboards for my ideas and setting up photoshoots was a way of regaining as much normalcy as possible. I have found that the theme of this work, while intensely personal, speaks to a much broader audience as well since we have all endured this time collectively even when isolated.

    Melissa T. Hall is a narrative photographer/artist based in Lexington, Kentucky. Feeling something was missing after starting a career in computer science, she returned to school in Florida to study studio art and photography. Hall thrives on setting up elaborate photo shoots in dilapidated, abandoned locations. She employs models, vintage clothing, and various props to craft her stories. Her work is completed by combining her photography with encaustic medium and oil paint. Hall’s motivation is to expose the beauty in the midst of ruin.

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