Filson Historical Society 2013

    Louisville enjoys a long and rich photographic history. Not long after Louis Daguerre developed the methods for making photography a viable art and business pursuit, entrepreneurs opened up studios across the United States, including Louisville. The city’s growing population provided abundant subjects for photographers, and the cost of a photograph versus a painted portrait greatly improved the affordability of having one’s image preserved for posterity. The work of many photographers – professional and amateur – is represented in The Filson’s collection, and is the topic of this lecture with Jim Holmberg, curator of Special Collections at The Filson.
    Comprised of some 60,000 images, The Filson’s photograph collection documents Louisville photography from the mid-19th century to today, preserving the men – and women – who toiled under the photographer’s blanket and in the darkroom to further the art and freeze their subjects in time for us to enjoy and learn from today. Chuck Rubin, owner of Chuck Rubin Photographics, will have a mock studio set up, featuring a genuine daguerreotype camera on a stand and an authentic posing chair from the period with a doll, and will comment on this type of photography that was popular during the 19th century.
    “Louisville Photography Through the Years” will take place on Friday, October 11, at noon at The Filson Historical Society, 1310 S. Third Street, Louisville. On-site parking is available. This event is free for Filson members and $5 for non-members. Reservations are suggested. Call The Filson at (502) 635-5083 or visit to make your reservation. Facebook:
    Artists Featured: Edward Clauber, I.B. Webster, James Hewitt, Frank Wybrandt, R.C. Ballard Thruston, Sally Garrity, Caroline Bergman, Paul Gunter, Kate Matthews, J.C. Elrod, John Hewitt, Al Blunk, John Setzer, and Chuck Rubin.