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    Featuring: Fred and Ann Bremer, Jessica and Sharon Bussert, and Eric Morris

    Dates: September 9 – November 14, 2021

    Events: TBA

    Fred and Ann Bremer as Photographs By Wandering Eyes

    Website: Facebook: Photographs By Wandering Eyes

    One of the things taught by photography is to look closely at your environment. As we did we found that we evaluate what we see by the context of the surroundings. This show is based on looking for common everyday environmental items and, through the use of the camera, its lenses, and the power of the digital darkroom, reframing that context. The humble and plebian become a major element of the image.

    Photography has appealed to both of us for the greater part of our lives. We enjoy it for both its production of an image and for using it to support other artistic pursuits such as painting studies. It is both an expression of art and a wonderful exercise of technology. It is the perfect left-brain, right-brain artistic form.

    Jessica and Sharon Bussert

    Website: Facebook: Bussert Images Instagram: @bussert_images

    Jessica and Sharon have always included flowers in their list of favorite subjects, but they are primarily landscape and wildlife photographers. During the COVID pandemic, when travel wasn’t possible, they began focusing more on floral images, producing many of the pieces seen in this show. The images are presented isolated on a black background, reflecting the isolation many of us felt during the past year.

    Bussert Images is the combined work of Jessica and Sharon Bussert. For many years they have traveled the US and the world, taking photographs. The women use both modern digital cameras and antique film cameras in their work. Their focus is on landscape, wildlife, and floral photography.

    Eric Morris

    I enjoy most all spectrums of photography but lately, I find myself drawn more to street photography and general landscapes. The contrast of the hustle of the city and the peacefulness of nature motivates me to get out there and shoot for the joy of it. I find passion and art in capturing people in their daily lives mixed with the cityscape

    Instagram: @sisod502

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