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    Featuring: Fred and Ann Bremer, Jessica and Sharon Bussert, Paula Martin, and Eric Morris

    Dates: September 9 – November 14, 2021

    Events: TBA

    Our show for the Biennial is a compilation of four local photographers with each photographer(or photographers) focusing on a different subject matter for their individual grouping which together form the gallery show Life Changing.

    Fred and Ann Bremer, who photograph as”Wandering Eye”, have a wide range of artistic interests all of which are subjects for their cameras. This exhibit focuses on that which is often overlooked and easily ignored. Most of these images were made at Charlestown State Park near Charlestown Indiana. It is a celebration of things before us and underfoot.

    (Website: Facebook: Photographs By Wandering Eyes)

    Paula Martin, of Outside Images, calls her grouping “the Circle of Life.”Her show is a complication of contrasting photos depicting the facets of both the beginning and the declining cycles of life. Paula is a long-time exhibitor participating in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee shows.

    Our third Photographers are Sharon and Jessica Bussert of Bussert Images, located in Nashville, Indiana where they own the B-3 gallery. Jessica and Sharon have always included flowers in their list of favorite subjects, but they are primarily landscape and wildlife photographers. During the COVID pandemic, when travel wasn’t possible, they began focusing more on floral images, producing many of the pieces seen in this show. The images are presented isolated on a black background, reflecting the isolation many of us felt during the past year.

    (Website: Facebook: Bussert Images Instagram: @bussert_images)

    Eric Morris, a professional chef, and restaurateur, owner of Faces Bar & Bistro in the highlands, has emerged as a photographer in his own right, depicting people in action. During the 2020 protest in Louisville, Eric went to many of the protests and captured “Know Justice Know Peace.” Some of these photos have been used by news organizations such as the New York Times and are documentation of this recent living history. Eric also has taken some good photos of New Albany while working at his previous restaurants, Gospel Bird and Hull and High Water, which will also be part of the show.

    (Instagram: @sisod502)

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