Kaviar Forge and Gallery 2013

    Photographs featuring a headless, legless and armless female mannequin will haunt the viewer in this daring solo exhibition. Using still photography Lee Ann Paynter introduces the star of SHE, a mannequin named Rosi. Within SHE, Lee Ann invites the onlooker to confront Rosi and the demons created by gender inequality and their effect on the ‘space of liminality’ for the contemporary woman. Whether she is hidden behind a window, down a flight of stairs, or placed in front of a cage-like gate in a garage, Rosi’s headless torso continues to stare, both engaging and challenging the viewer. A sense of discomfort is achieved through Rosi’s recurring physical and contextual isolation while Paynter’s dramatic use of light successfully captures the overwhelming tension of each photograph. SHE sparks feelings of female empowerment and raises awareness of the restraints women endure as a result of societal gender roles. “I want the viewer to look closely at what stands before them, make connections to themselves or to women they know, and even be infuriated by the fact that inequality still exists.  It is my intent to inspire thought and dialogue, to raise awareness, and to empower women to reach beyond the beauty myth and above the glass ceiling.”
    The exhibition opens September 27th with an artist reception during the F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop from 6-9pm. Lee Ann Paynter is bringing Rosi and inviting people to take a photograph with the mannequin, while also proclaiming their wishes for Rosi, themselves, or women in general. Lee Ann is hoping to use these wishes to construct future photographs of Rosi.
    Born in Danville, Kentucky, Lee Ann Paynter spent several years in Southern California before returning home to Kentucky. She is now an adjunct faculty member at the University of Kentucky and KCTCS in Lexington. Paynter received an MFA in photography and media from California Institute of the Arts in 2011 and has since introduced those teachings within her work which mainly focuses on the role of media in the representation of social and political issues.
    The Kaviar Gallery represents over one hundred artists. Located on Frankfort Avenue in Clifton, the gallery brims with various fine arts, crafts, jewelry and furniture. Owner Craig Kaviar, who is a renowned sculptor and blacksmith himself, is a proponent of Louisville arts and a fervent believer in the importance of celebrating local arts and crafts.
    Gallery Hours: Thursday & Friday 12-6, Saturday 12-4
    Opening with Artist Reception: Friday, September 27th from 6-9pm, Closing Saturday November 2nd
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