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    The City by Lori Nix
    : October 1 – October 30, 2015

    Library - by Lori Nix

    Library – by Lori Nix

    Artist Statement
    I have always taken inspiration from her surroundings of great architecture, skyscrapers, bridges and the every day life of urban landscape. My evolving series “The City” imagines what New York City and Brooklyn would look like if suddenly mankind had disappeared seemingly overnight. What remains are vacant fragments of buildings slowly being reclaimed by nature. Our history, our culture halted and returning to dust and debris. These photographs, saturated with color and infused with a dark sense of humor, turn the notion of the traditional landscape on it’s head. Painstakingly created in miniature, these constructed scenes raise awareness and inspired reflection on our everyday actions and means of survival.

    Artist Biography
    Lori Nix is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally at the Museum of Arts and Design, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Museum Schloss Moyland in Germany, ClampArt Gallery in New York, the George Eastman House and other venues. She is a 2014 John R. Simon Guggenheim Fellow and a 2010 and 2004 NYFA Artist Grant recipient.

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