Fine Art Firm 2013

               Thirty-two year old Joe Freeman has gained his experience in photography through traditional education at the Boston Art Institute, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the time honored method of apprenticeship with the masters of the art. His black and white contact prints of landscape and abstractions show the high technical levels of achievement he has gained in working for Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee, but his vision is distinctively different.

                Freeman, who lives in Seattle, Washington, has achieved remarkable maturity and elegance in his photographs. The stunningly luminous quality of his prints will be a revelation to people who are not familiar with large format photography in the heritage and style of Edward and Brett Weston.

                “When I’m about to make a photography not much is going on in my mind. In fact, when I am dwelling on thoughts the whole process slows, and making a picture becomes much less fluid. Mentally, what I do is pay attention. There is no concern over how I’ll use space, or if I’m about to make more of a pictorial picture or an abstract one… all there is to do is look. If I feel compelled, I’ll then set up my camera and take notice to what’s happening on the groundglass. I’ll move the camera around seeing how the different elements (as in line, tone, form, space) relate to one another, and if I feel I have a composition that pleases me, I might make an exposure.

                It is the “If I feel compelled”, before setting up my camera, that something special happens. Somewhere, maybe from deep inside my soul, maybe not, part of my aesthetic is reacting to a scene seen, or felt. It is a type of harmony with the immediate environment. That’s when I enjoy photographing the most, that’s when I feel the resulting pictures are most telling of me. But that unfortunately is not always the case… and so some of my photographs speak to me more than others do, and some speak to others more than me.” -JOE FREEMAN

    Exhibition Dates: October 5-19, 2013

    Wojtek Pilczynski, FAF Gallery owner/director
    602 South 3rd Street, Louisville, KY 40202
    Gallery: 5022125180   Mobile: 8022829038