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    Featuring Zayne Isom

    Website: photosbyzayne.mypixieset.com Facebook: facebook.com/zayne.isom

    Instagram: @photosbyzayne  Twitter: @photosbyzayne

    Dates: October 6 – November 3,2023

    Events: Opening Reception ft. Q&A with Zayne October 6, 5pm

    Zayne Isom is a concert and portrait photographer from Louisville creating original content for musicians, brands, influencers, and more. She aspires to build a community through her work and has grown a following on her Instagram @photosbyzayne. Her work with artists shows both sides of the industry, from behind the scenes to onstage

    Encore is a collection for music lovers. Over the last two years, I have explored the world of concert photography and the creative space within the music industry. This series of photos displays my journey as an artist and a young creative finding her place amidst a competitive and fast growing industry. You may see some familiar faces but you might also find some new artists to check out. Just like any kind of art , each piece has their own story and that’s something I try to capture each night at a show. I’m hoping you’ll leave this gallery with a newfound appreciation for te art of concert photography.

    Facebook: @cafe157onmain
    Instagram: @cafe157onmain