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Group Show: Virgil Henle, Rebecca Rose, Jon Eland, April Martin, Eric Heilbronner, Steve Squall, Mary Yates
Show Dates
: September 25 – November 7, 2015
Events: Opening Reception: September 25, 6:00 pm – late; Closing Reception for the Louisville Photo Biennial: November 7, 7:00-11:00 pm

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Virgil “Chad” Henle
“Family Men”

I decided to teach myself the Albumen process and at the time I had the desire to document the men in my family. I choose to photograph my dad’s brother, my dad and my mothers father in environments that defined who they are to me.

Virgil Henle was born 1970 in Louisville, KY. His photographs and artwork reside in major collections such as the Louisville Photographic Archives, and various private collections.  Henle earned his MFA in photography at the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in photography at the University of Louisville.

Virgil Henle is an Adjunct Professor at the Jefferson Community and Technical College in the Commercial Arts department.

Rebecca Rose

Art is my euphoria. It has always been a way for me to connect to humans, rather than through conversation. It has been a journey of self discovery that has helped me evolve personally and professionally. With art, I can create worlds of my own, escape reality, and allow my mind to expand.

Many of my inspirations are derived from nature, music, sexuality, movement and female form. Everyday I use my observations of the natural world, how things move, and how light and shadows fall on various subjects. The combination of observing my surroundings and exploring emotions drives me to create. My love for the outdoors and exploration present me many opportunities to discover unique locations.

“My subject matter suggests I’m melancholy. My adolescent and teenage years were lonely. I had bullies, and didn’t relate to my peers at all, which in turn encouraged negativity. Although today I am content, the years of emotional setbacks have engraved a permanent scar on my psyche. I believe that sadness is one of the most powerful emotions, and for me so much inspiration can be drawn from it. I am happy to be able to channel that darkness into something that I can be proud of. With photography, I am able to capture the world in the way that I see it. It is my perception of the world and vision coming to life. That excites me so much ”

Jon Eland

Almost everyone in all walks of life has some personality attributes and desires they keep hidden from the gaze of others – however the gay man has, more than others, had reason to show these multiple personalities.

Artist Jon Eland has taken this as a starting point in many areas of his ‘But I Like’ It portraiture practice – including his long-term project, ‘Veiled’. Started before marital equality was on the British law books the project looks at this traditionally female practice and applies it to the situations a gay male finds himself in. Often vastly obscuring their true identity and personality in relation to the way society responds to their existence. While acceptance has become greater from the mid 20th century on it is clear that true equality and integration has yet to be achieved. With the arrival of the legal recognition of gay weddings ‘Veiled’ takes the symbols of love – in courting, matrimony and mourning – and uses this to consider the ways in which homosexuality feels the needs to closet, mask and costume itself.

April Martin

The Dark Castles in The Sky is an ongoing photography series that invokes emotion through the use of digitally emulating the daguerreotype and collodion processes of photography that were used in the 17 and 1800s along with moody ethereal colored photographs . Leaving the collection with a macabre dismal feel that is both haunting and mesmerizing. My dream is to turn the collection into a published Monograph along with limited edition fine art pieces.

Eric Heilbronner

J. Eric Heilbronner is a film photographer known for using vintage cameras and alternative processes to create vivid, unique, and larger than life prints. His “Kromaskadazia” exhibition, demonstrated his ability and desire to create a relationship between subject and process. All of the prints were taken on B&W film and printed on traditional darkroom B&W paper, however these images are anything but grey. His discovery of and subsequent variations on this alternative developing process reveal iridescent colors spanning the spectrum in what would otherwise be black and white photographs.

Steve Squall

My favorite thing is for my work to be out there for human consumption. I do this for me but I also do it for you. I’m one of the good guys.

I am a Louisville, KY based fashion, commercial and editorial photographer. I received my B.A. in Graphic Design from Indiana University where I first developed an interest in, and started to hone my skills with a camera. After a short stint in the graphic design industry, I decided to change the direction of my career and focus on photography.

Mary Yates

I am a fine art photographer and photo illustrator who uses photographic imagery in historic process, digital images and video. I love the marriage of hi-tech / low-tech in art forms and work in this manner to create singular images that comment on the ongoing relationship with time and identity. I am also known as Araminta Kroitschov for my 3D modeling and virtual world artwork.

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