Sunset Portraits from 9,623,557 Flickr Sunsets on 8.22.11

Sunset Portraits from 9,623,557 Flickr Sunsets on 8.22.11

The Art Museum will host a lecture by Penelope Umbrico on October 18th as a part of their Robert C. May Lecture Series. Her works will be on display from October 18 – November 10, 2013.

Penelope Umbrico finds a communal portrait of humanity in images she appropriates from popular sources, whether they be photographs of sunsets posted on the internet or ads for broken televisions sets on Craigslist. She examines the notion of how photography exists in the digital age, making prints of ephemeral electronic images, culling samples, and then building them into installations of multiple images that offer a revealing snapshot of who we are. Some are displayed on walls, such as her Sunset Portraits, which documents the number of photographs of people posed in front of a setting sun that are posted on the photography-sharing website Flickr on any given day—as many as 9,623,557. Others, like her Cabinet projects, present a type of “cabinet of wonders.”

All exhibitions are in the Richard B. Freeman Gallery of the Art Museum
All lectures are held on Friday afternoons at 4 pm in the Worsham Theater of the UK Student Center (Euclid Ave & Martin Luther King Blvd)
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